Non-Medical Volunteers

Even if you don’t have medical training, there is an opportunity to be engaged in meaningful work at VIM. Here are some of the positions available for non-medical volunteers:

Schedulers: These are front desk volunteers who answer phones and schedule patient appointments using computer software. Volunteer schedulers like working with people and should have some comfort level using computers, although more training will be provided. 

Eligibility Screeners: These individuals work directly with patients to determine if they meet our eligibility requirements to receive care at VIM. A love of helping people, attention to detail and the ability to think on your feet are important qualities for screeners.

Spanish Interpreters: About 80% of VIM’s patients speak Spanish. Our volunteer interpreters are a vital link in the communication process between our Spanish-speakers and our medical providers. 

Greeters: No computer experience is required for this position. If you think of VIM as a “home” like we do, the greeter is the person who makes sure the guests are comfortable and feel welcome. Greeters can also serve as a communication link between different areas of the clinic, or fill in on miscellaneous clinic needs. If you have a big heart and want to share some of it, this is a great spot to be. 

Computer Support: There are multiple opportunities for volunteers who have computer expertise and may be able to serve as trainers or troubleshooters in the clinic.

Data Entry: Our data entry volunteers do not interact with patients directly, but the clinic wouldn’t run without them. Familiarity with computers is a must.

Medical Records: These volunteers interface between VIM and other medical offices and ensure consistency in the electronic medical records of our patients. In this position, you will scan documents, pull chart notes, and verify information with patient records and other medical offices. Computer skills are needed.

Pharmacy: To volunteer in VIM’s charitable pharmacy you need to either be enrolled as a student in a pharmacy technician or pharmacist program or already have your degree.

Fundraising and Administration: Behind the scenes of any non-profit medical clinic is the need to fundraise to keep the doors open and the lights on. We rely heavily on volunteers to help us in these efforts. If you have a passion for VIM and love sharing our message with others, we can use you.

How often do volunteers work?

For clinical or front-office positions, volunteers generally work one morning, afternoon or evening each week for a four-hour shift. Some volunteers are here more often, some as little as once per month. We’ll do our best to work with your schedule. The most important thing is that you are able to volunteer with consistency, as that is what our patients depend on. Fundraising and administrative volunteers work on a bit different schedule, some of which is seasonal.

I’m interested in volunteering. What’s the next step? Fill out our volunteer application here.