Mission & Values

Our mission is simple. We want to make our community a better place through education and the enlisting of volunteers to bring healthcare services to those in need. We accomplish our mission through our core values.

Mission: To improve the health and wellness of the medically uninsured or critically underserved through the engagement of professionals, community partners, and dedicated volunteers.

Vision: Be a premier model of effective, integrated, volunteer-based charitable healthcare.


  • Compassion through a culture of kindness, inclusivity and personal dignity.
  • Collaboration through synergistic, integrated partnerships.
  • Commitment to quality through agility, cultural competency and providing a positive patient experience.
  • Enrichment of volunteers and staff through the opportunity for meaningful service.
  • Empowerment of patients and families to understand and improve their own health and well-being.

Credo: We believe everyone has the right to basic healthcare services and that it is the responsibility of a caring community to reach out to those in need.

We believe in the inherent worthiness and dignity of each person and do our best to demonstrate kindness, respect, and patience in all of our interactions. We thoughtfully foster a culture of caring throughout the organization and choose to care for people, not only their illness. This means listening, being flexible and making compassionate exceptions when appropriate. We do not judge our patients because of their circumstances but encourage and teach them to improve their own health, as best they can.

As an organization, we strive to remain attentive and agile so that we can quickly respond to environmental changes and patient or volunteer needs. We focus on possibilities and opportunities when solving problems. We allow common sense to prevail and simplify whenever possible. We invest in and nurture relationships and establish meaningful partnerships in order to implement our mission. We endeavor to engage those who are passionate about the VIM mission in a meaningful way. We create an environment that is stimulating, productive, inclusive and fun. We exhibit tolerance and do not put personalities before principles.

We do our best to match staff strengths with appropriate jobs and provide the resources, direction, and freedom so that each person can be effective and fulfilled as a VIM team member.