Oregon Dental Licensure & Liability


In order to volunteer as a dentist or dental hygienist with VIM patients, at the COCC-VIM Dental Clinic, or in your own practice, you must have a current Oregon Board of Dentistry (OBD) license.

If you are retired or wishing to practice without remuneration, the OBD has partnered with the Oregon Dental Association (ODA) and Dentists Benefits Insurance Company (DBIC) to develop a program for dentists and dental hygienists who want to maintain their Oregon license, but wish to work only as a volunteer.


All VIM patients agree to be seen and treated under the Oregon Liability Waiver (ORS 676.340), which limits the liability of Oregon-licensed volunteer dentists, dental hygienists, and certain other health professionals for injury, death, or other loss arising out of the provision of these services, unless the injury, death or other loss results from the gross negligence of the health practitioner.

To be covered by this waiver, you must complete the required paperwork with the Oregon Dental Board and have your patients sign a consent form.

Here are links to the forms:

For more information, please see the Oregon Board of Dentistry website, or call (971) 673-3200.