Non-Cash & In-Kind Gifts

Please Note: If you are dropping off in-kind donations, please drive to the parking lot behind the building and ring the doorbell at door labeled "Volunteer Entrance".

The donation of behind-the-scenes goods and services is another meaningful way to contribute to VIM. VIM is fortunate to have a steady group of in-kind supporters in our community – many of whom have been donating their goods and services since the clinic opened in 2004. There are a number of ways that you can help too! 

Food & Beverage
  • Since volunteers are the life-blood of our organization, we try to lavish them with love. We’re always looking for donations of snacks for our hard-working volunteers! 
  • Every Tuesday we serve our 25+ volunteers on the evening shift a simple dinner since they see patients from 4 – 8 p.m. Those meals are donated by local restaurants.

If you’ve got a passion for food, we have volunteers that appreciate it! Please contact Courtney Gallant via email or call (541) 585-9007.

Medical & Office Supplies & Equipment

Items in this category range from medical and dental equipment to copy paper and computer software. Think of all the things needed to run a medical clinic, from the front office through patient care, and you’ll get the picture of all that we need and use each day.

If you have something you think would be beneficial, please contact Jennifer Fuller, RN, via email or call (541) 585-9003. 

*Note that VIM will accept donations only when we know we can use the particular item. If we can’t use it, we will do our best to help you find someone that can. 

Building & Landscape Maintenance

Like any other “home,” the clinic needs on-going maintenance, both inside and out. If you are handy around the house or have a green thumb that is itching to beautify some grounds, we would certainly appreciate your assistance. Please contact Cynthia Hunt via email or call (541) 585-9004.

Gift Certificates for Food & Gas

Sometimes our patients have trouble getting to their appointments because they can’t afford gas for their car. Others struggle to put food on the table or pay utility bills. We like to have a small supply of $10 “emergency” gift cards on hand to help people fill the gap while we refer them to other community services for help. If you’d like to be one of our gift card angels, please contact Courtney Gallant via email, or call (541) 585-9007.

Community Medical Partners

Along with the 25-30 volunteers in the clinic each day, we also partner with over 350 providers who see patients upon referral. Included in this group are St. Charles Health System, Bend Memorial Clinic, and Central Oregon Radiology, as well as specialty care providers (gastroenterologists, orthopedic surgeons, radiologists, oncologists, dentists, ophthalmologists, cardiologists, dermatologists, etc.), and services such as radiology, surgery, pathology, anesthesiology, and physical therapy. 

These community partners extend VIM’s reach in immeasurable ways and are essential to keeping our patients healthy and productive. 

If you’d like to donate your medical services, please contact VIM’s Medical Director, Heather Laird, ANP, at (541) 585-9017.