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Complementing VIM’s tremendous cadre of volunteers are full and part-time staff persons who oversee and coordinate all the nuts and bolts of running a medical facility. This includes oversight of all the medical treatment, volunteer recruitment, training and scheduling, patient management, fundraising, community partnerships and administrative services.

We’re a tight-knit group, and although we each have our individual areas of expertise, we all chip in whenever it is needed, right down to cleaning up the kitchen and shoveling snow. Like our volunteers, each of us is here because we want to be. And that sense of purpose is what makes us proud to be part of a non-profit that has such a positive impact on our community. To email a member of our staff, please click on their name below.

POSITION AVAILABLE: Director of Philanthropy and Community Outreach
LOCATION: 2300 NE Neff Road, Bend, OR 97701
DESIRED START DATE: December 1, 2023 (Flexible)
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Salome Chauncey - Hablo Español

Patient Care Manager & Lead Interpreter 

Yannely Nonato - Hablo Español

Patient Navigation Manager

Rodrigo Gaspar-Barajas

Pharmacy Tech / Patient Navigation Specialist

Kimberly Rojas Drew, RN, BSN - Hablo Español

Diabetes RN Care Coordinator

Chuck Jordan, PharmD

Pharmacy Consultant

Gemma Bartrina

Patient Navigation Specialist

Kat Mastrangelo

Executive Director
(541) 585-9005

Heather Laird, ANP

Medical Director
(541) 585-9017

Salome Chauncey - Hablo Español

Care Coordinator & Lead Interpreter
(541) 585-9018

Tanner Chauncey - Hablo Español

Spanish Interpreter & Vaccine Outreach Specialist
(541) 330-9100 x123

Jennifer Fuller, RN, BSN

Nurse Manager
(541) 585-9003

Joe Gaines

Development Liaison and Event Coordinator
(541) 585-9007

Kim Hughes

Volunteer Coordinator
(541) 585-9008

Cynthia Hunt

Operations Manager & Development Coordinator
(541) 585-9004

Breanne Hutchens, PharmD

Staff Pharmacist

Chuck Jordan, PharmD

Staff Pharmacist

Yannely Nonato - Hablo Español

Eligibility and COVID Outreach Specialist
(541) 585-9023

Mary Overman

Philanthropy and Community Engagement Officer
(541) 585-9007

Kimberly Rojas Drew, RN, BSN - Hablo Español

Diabetes RN Care Coordinator
(541) 585-9006

Lidia Vazquez - Hablo Español

Eligibility and Scheduling Manager
(541) 585-9012

Alex Winn, PharmD

Consulting Pharmacist
(541) 585-9010