Harley Kelley, MD (pictured right) first heard about VIM from the clinic’s first Medical Director, Bob Hakala, MD. Dr. Kelley has been a surgeon for over 50 years (eight of which were in the Vietnam War), and is one of VIM’s original doctors, having begun his volunteer service when the clinic opened in 2004. Dr. Kelley retired as a VIM volunteer at the end of 2023 having provided over 700 hours of volunteer service to the clinic. During that time, he also served as a mentor to many other volunteers, including Patrick (pictured left) a hopeful medical student who observed Dr. Kelley as he consults with patients and performed surgeries, all the while gaining knowledge in medicine and what this career path might look like. This partnership is a perfect example of the type of experience younger volunteers interested in a career in medicine can have at VIM. It allows an individual to gain exposure to occupations in the medical field while obtaining real-world experience. Dr. Kelley and Patrick are at opposite ends of their careers, but they both offer unique contributions to the clinic and value the time they spend helping the underserved. 

Thank you, Dr. Kelley! We are deeply grateful for all your service and the legacy you leave with VIM.

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