Patient Story: Ramona

Seventeen years ago, Ramona moved to Central Oregon with her husband and four children. She soon learned that she had diabetes, but she did not have resources for treatment. Luckily, her uncle told her about Volunteers In Medicine Clinic Of The Cascades (VIM). Her uncle was a former VIM patient, and VIM has been Ramona’s medical provider since 2007.

VIM has provided diabetes treatment, prescription medications, diabetes education, regular checkups, counseling services, and referrals to specialists for lower back pain—all with no charges or fees. When complications arose following the birth of her second daughter, VIM was there to help once more. 

“I really appreciate how VIM takes care of patients. Everyone is so kind and wants to help you and make it possible for you to feel better,” said Ramona. “They are such good people. Without VIM, I honestly don’t think that I would be here.” 

Besides a lack of financial resources, Ramona struggled emotionally to understand her diabetes diagnosis and the care she needed. VIM changed all of that. She credits her interactions with VIM staff and volunteers with giving her more trust in people and teaching her to take charge of her own wellbeing. 

“I love how they treat you. There are many places you don’t want to go because they treat you so poorly, or they may forget who you are, but not at VIM. They make you feel at ease. This is so important for people who are struggling.” 

VIM has provided Ramona with culturally specific medical care, mental health services, and a caring, supportive environment. 

“Thank you to all the doctors, nurses and helpers, to those who provide the medicine and to everyone who donates and helps us with illness.”