Patient Information

Who Can be a Patient?

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If you can say “yes” to all of these questions, VIM might be the right place for you:


You are at least 18 years old.

1.     You:

       - are not eligible for Affordable Care Act programs such as OHP (Oregon Health Plan),

       - do not have health insurance, -OR-

       - have insurance but have to wait for a long time for your first appointment at your new clinic

2.    You live or work in Deschutes, Jefferson or Crook County.

3.    You have some income.

       - This can be from part-time, full-time or seasonal jobs. It can also be from a student loan, unemployment or other sources.

4.    Your income is less than 250% of the Federal Poverty Level. See chart below.

5.    You agree to complete both a application, AND a VIM eligibility screening each year.  We will help you with this

YES, I meet all of these guidelines, now what?

NO, I don’t meet these guidelines. Is there any other place that can help me? 

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