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About our Patients

We are here for our patients. Our goal is to help you to be as healthy as possible. We want you to be able to work and take care of your family. And we want you to make a difference in the world as only you can. That’s why VIM was created – to care for you, so that you can work and care for others.   

We can help you get well, and stay well, until you are able to find health insurance on your own. 

When you become a VIM patient, we become your “medical home.” At VIM, you can receive medical care and prescription medication. If you need mental health or basic dental care, we will do our best to help with that, too.  

Care in the clinic is provided at no charge, but we appreciate your donations. A few extra services may have a fee. These services may include some types of lab work, certain prescription medications, or specialized care from one of our community partners.     

VIM is not a walk-in, or emergency clinic. Most of our patients have chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, depression or anxiety. They need on-going medical attention and medication, and that is what we offer.

We also take care of patients who just need general wellness care, or help with unexpected sickness. 

Once you qualify as a patient at VIM, you become our partner. While you are our patient, we work with you to care for whatever comes up.  

Click on these links to find out more about being a patient at VIM:

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